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Implementation of the algebraic operation of inversion


Document concerned

This document deals with the algebraic operation of inversion. I am writing this short document to clarify the necessary programming work.


13/12/2016: initial version


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Framework of the project This project is a digital and algebraic calculation software. This project is a way to train very long and tedious equations and to factor them according to a common approach. Goal: solve equations, find all the solutions algebraically and get an equation based on parameters and fixed digital data.

All the features

The set of features is detailed in this document: All features (unbundled) .xlsx

Name of the feature covered here

Neurons of inversion

Relative need

Neurons are elements of graph also called node. In each node in the graph, there may be 0 to N branches or arc where the other end is the next node.

The arithmetic operations are one together recurring that perfectly fits the notion of graph. In particular, a complete equation is a tree set of operations. We're talking about graph when a node has multiple parents. An equation where some words are repeated will form a graph where a repeated word is associated with a single node, and each parent node will go on this node.

The neurons of algebraic distribution concern all the multiplication of terms.

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