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Implementation of orders


Document concerned

This document discusses the orders in a neuron. I am writing this short document to clarify the necessary programming work.


06/12/2016: initial version


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Framework of the project

This project is a digital and algebraic calculation software. This project is a way to train very long and tedious equations and to factor them according to a common approach. Goal: solve equations, find all the solutions algebraically and get an equation based on parameters and fixed digital data.

All the features

The set of features is detailed in this document: All features (unbundled) .xlsx

Name of the feature covered here

Each neuron-specific commands

Relative need

Neurons each have a goal that is attached to them. Some neurons do not have the same applications than others. From a point of view purely object, several virtual functions programming has little elegant consequences: the neurons do not have the same application than another then the virtual function will not be implemented.

Relationship with other features


Neurons are objects that can communicate with each other. From the programming point of view, neurons form a directed graph. Then, each neuron with an application that is unique, the application traverses the graph through the neurons that react differently depending on the settings.


The command is a specific name. Each neuron is studying the command name by searching if this command does react; If yes then the neuron runs his program to make the order and transmits its information to the following neurons. If the command has no impact on the neuron then the treatment ends in this branch (but other branches can still be processed).


A virtual method with a parameter of type string command realized the need.

List of commands

For each neuron, there are a number of commands which are detailed below.

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